The Drop Squad

The Drop Squad is a dynamic hip-hop group consisting of artists Madoa and Botti. Repping NC all the way to the DMV they are destined to make waves in the game. Their partnership goes back to the days when they were in the army from 2000-2004. Following their successful tenures in the military Madoa and Botti embarked on different paths. Madoa pursued his bachelors degree which he obtained in '09 and Botti amassed a small fortune contracting overseas. The duo continued doing music via instant messenger and sending pro-tools session through dropsend. With the release of their debut mixtape "The Drop" which is a testament to their creativity, virtuosity, and lyrical dexterity they are definetly a force to be reckoned with. From opening up for the Clipse and Mya to being featured on several blog sites, DJ Flash's podcast (Little Brother's DJ), Nore's 57thAve,  and having their smash hit "Miss HBCU" played on the radio in NC and VA, DOPE is the word one would use to describe them.They have performed at numerous shows in the southeastern U.S. and recieved praise for their music at a recent hip-hop summit featuring 9th Wonder, the founder of and many other industry insiders. Don't believe all the hype? You be the judge, you can check out their music and more info at and download the free mixtape, "The Drop," at several of these sites:,