This page is for the element graffiti. All graffiti enthusiasts/artists feel free to post any material relating to the art of graffiti. This page is just in its infancy so work with me and we will make it truly enjoyable.

Style Wars, a must see for any hip-hop and graffiti enthusiast. This documentary chronicles the surge in graffiti art in the seventies coupled with a then new growing culture, hip-hop. Enjoy, this is part 1 you can view the remaining parts via YouTube

Here’s the highly-anticipated short documentary about “Pepper’s World”, the new Mural and Print by Saber.

As the first edition of this bold, iconic style of painting, this project is sure to be an important one for years to come. Six weeks of print-making is no joke, and the results are incredible in the flesh! Enjoy the Video!

“Pepper is a true street artist in the purist sense. Hes known to some by his altar ego; the Mayor of Skid Row, and hes proud to proclaim that hes the last homeless person on the forefront of downtown LAs gentrification. He lives on Santa Fe Ave. where years ago a large tent city used to be, the last holdout.

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TLK Crew from Mexico

LBSK Crew in San Diego