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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Madoa - City Lights (Raleigh Tribute) (Reviews)

Blogger writes..They remind me..
"I’ve had my eye on The Drop Squad for a few months as they have continued to release amazing free songs over at their bandcamp site. They remind me of some of the best hip-hop from the 90s, flowing lyrics with an amazing backing of beats and effects. The Drop Squad is made up of Madoa and Botti who actually met in 2001 while serving in the U.S. Army. They say in their bio that, “Drop Squad’s main goal is to bring quality Hip-Hop to those people who are patiently waiting for the music to return to its essence"

Download this song and a bunch of other great tracks on their bandcamp site www.laisthenewny.com , http://thedropsquad.bandcamp.com

Madoa 'City Lights'

Buzz by BIG Tone

Buzz by BIG Tone

Elzhi - Half Time (Video)

Elzhi - Halftime Official video from GerardVictor.com on Vimeo.

Yea baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elzhi - Halftime

 Elzhi - Halftime by Hypetrak

Yo, who is f*cking with this dude? Another lyrical exercise performed flawlessly by Detroit's own, former Slum Village member and overall dope emcee, Elzhi. Big ups to Nas, it's half time!!! Only real hip-hop cats get that one.

Tabi Bonney - Hang Glide (produced by Ski Beatz)

Camp Lo - Boogie Kids

 Camp Lo - Boogie Kids by Hypetrak

Long time no hear, huh? A brand new joint from the ground breaking Camp Lo. Like a breath of fresh air. LOL.

Stranga The Great - Witness Greatness

New joint from my man Stranga The Great. This track features quality production coupled with Stranga's introspective lyrics and knack for story telling.  Featured on hiphopweekly.com. Download after the jump.

Stranga The Great - Witness Greatness

DJ JS-1 - Boom Slap featuring KRS-ONE & Rahzel

DJ JS-1 featuring KRS-ONE & Rahzel – Boom Slap by Hypetrak

Nice hip-hop joint featuring the teacher, KRS-ONE.

J. Cole - Disgusting

 J. Cole- Disgusting (prod. by J. Cole) by Hypetrak

New banger from J. Cole.

Focus - Uh featuring Phonte

 Focus featuring Phonte – UH! by Hypetrak

Focus featuring Phonte, straight fire. I don't know what else to say about this joint, its just dope rhymes and dope beats. What more can you ask for?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Reks - Mascara (Video)

Another video from Reks off the critically acclaimed Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme album.