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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ritual

Some where in Fayetteville outside of an inconspicuous placed coffee shop several people are coalescing in the parking lot. There isn't any hostile commotion going on just a scene inundated with an aura of innocence and bliss. The collective known as El Solflo have just finished performing improv pieces with live instrumentation in front of a very satisfied crowd. What is going on in the parking lot at approximately 12 am is what has become sort of a ritual; several artists brought together by their passion for music are discussing the state of hip-hop and shooting ad hoc videos of them performing their craft. They are a motley crew consisting of artists who represent every spectrum of music from guitar players, singers, pianist, violinists, and Double MC who has mastered every musical instrument known to man. They are joined by Madoa the gifted MC from The Drop Squad and Shihloh Allah whose lyrical ability is unparalleled. JJ the lead vocalist of El Solflo gets a crowd assembled that now includes several patrons of the coffee shop that were so moved by their earlier performance that they refuse to call it a night out of fear that they might miss something magical. So the festivities are now commenced and don't let me dictate the narrative, watch it for yourself.

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