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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Superhero's Romance by Danny C. Anderson Jr.

Danny C. Anderson Jr. known through hip-hop communities by his pseudonym Sudan Six is about as witty and intelligent as they come. His innate sense of humor is displayed in his music by the skits he injects between his songs to give direction to his projects and bring instant chuckles to the listener. If you frequent certain Fayetteville hip-hop circles his name will be thrown up sporadically in conversations about good music being made and produced. Someone as diverse as Danny plays many roles simultaneously: that of a college student, college graduate, employee, aspiring entrepreneur, MC, producer, husband, son, father and more recently author. Yes, no typos folks an author. That brings us to "A Superhero's Romance" the first book by Danny that encompasses all the wit and humor that he is known for. A must read and remarkable blend of social issues, parenting, cynicism, childhood reflections and humor all in one."A Superhero's Romance" is masterfully written; the colloquial vocabulary allows the reader to become immersed in the stories without having to search for Webster's best seller. Danny takes on several characters as he spins tales of experiencing his first kiss to how he wants the president to expunge his college loans and ultimately give him a free tractor. "A Superhero's Romance" is filled with relatable stories about the lack of pride a barber takes on your hair once you become a regular to all the subtle benefits of being a father; however, what one finds the most intriguing is how Danny can tackle social/political issues with such humor that he makes you forget that he was speaking on a controversial issue in the first place. The book provides insight on interracial relationships, the decadence pervasive throughout Fayetteville, and the treatment of black women by their male counterparts without ever becoming polarizing or judgemental. "A Superhero's Romance" is a wonderful freshman effort by Danny and if you are a fan of his music you will definitely be a fan of this book. The same humor and ingenuity that he showed in his music is also present in this phenomenal piece of literature. A testament to the fact that humor can be used to tell life stories and tackle complex issues, "A Superhero's Romance", will definitely be a wonderful addition to your library. Here are the links to purchase or preview the book:http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1383982/, http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/a-superheros-romance-20/8819100


  1. my friend put me on to this and shit was funky. I know I heard of this dude somewhere very different.

  2. i know he duz beats too i think? He got some wild stuff if this is the same guy

  3. Curious about the book after reading this nicely written review. All I can say is this is an awesome read, he needs to be out there. This is a uniquely developed piece of work that can be read all the way through with a boyish excitement. Good luck this is 9/10 star performance! bravo!!

  4. Just downloaded the book Danny boy! this is munch. Damn man you always been talented man! You are a genius when it comes to certain to t that creative stuff. The book is funny as a mug and you make some viable points too. I googled the book and your name and this review popped up so I thought i'd show my support! This should have sold 100,000 copies easy but I don't know what niggas be thinking man, can't get people to support some intelligent groundbreaking stuff bro! This is a classic as far as books go this is on some underground slick witted stuff! Keep going with it put it out there I will help. I told "T" and she said she just went online for it plus im a buy the hard copy right now. call me man damn you don't never pick your phone up lol love you bro! Munch in this mug! yeaaahhh